The wine and the land


Fontamara: not just the name of an imaginary town, told in a world famous Italian novel; but before that, and then over time, the story of an ancient way of relating to the land and wine.

Vineyard chronicles

Our wines

Enter the world of Fontamara and savour, in a wine, the scent of an ancient bond with the earth, of living according to the rhythm of the seasons and stubbornly obtaining the best from them. It is something that we wanted Fontamara wines to preserve, in order to express it at its purest for you to taste. Scent of Abruzzo.


An ancient quality

An organic choice

The integrity of the Abruzzo territory, and a centuries-old experience of winemakers, made it easier to create a line of organic Fontamara wines. We from Abruzzo have always gotten along well with nature.

The scents of the earth

A territory loved and cared for for millennia now gives back to those like us who work it a special quality in its products, a more intense and characteristic scent. Especially in wine.

Typical flavours

Abruzzo wines are born from a great love for conviviality and food, which had also captivated the ancient Romans. They are wines of great typicality, which are enhanced with the flavours of our land, but which have today conquered the whole world with their character.

An ideal environment

The proximity between the mountains and the sea, with the breezes that blow from one to the other and with the strong temperature variations, creates an ideal environment for wine production, with a terroir of exceptional quality. Since the ancient times, Abruzzo has been considered a true temple of the vine.


Scent of Abruzzo

Squeezed between the mountains and the sea, a land of ancient farming tradition, Abruzzo is one of the most characteristic regions of Italy. Wonderful landscapes, historical and archaeological remains, enchanted villages and the scent of what has remained authentic. Scent of Abruzzo.

Ancient land

Prima veniva la semina, poi la mietitura, poi la vendemmia... sempre la stessa canzone, lo stesso ritornello. Sempre. Gli anni passavano... i giovani diventavano vecchi... e si seminava, si sarchiava, si insolfava, si mieteva e si vendemmiava.